winter harshness on street kids

In north India, the indication of winter starts from mid- November when minimum temperature drop gradually to settle below 15 decrees Celsius and nights turns chills.

India still has more than 1.7 million homeless people. They are exposed to the elements have an uncertain supply of food are likely miss out on education and medical treatment, and are at high risk of suffering addiction, abuse and illness.
A single child alone on the streets is especially vulnerable

Winter is tough for these street children out on thr streets.
They have to service with the very low temperature.
They wrap their body in thin blanket provided by kind people or NGO’S…
THEY even share one blanket with others kids too. Unfortunately, those blanket are stolen when they go out..

They build fires with newspaper, woods and sometimes with plastic and pieces of clothes.

They even take drugs to keep themselves warm. These children end up living and working on the streets for a plethora of reasons…
Including death

Death of parents, breakdown of families
Family violence
Natural disaster

Its hurtful to know sometimes parents left their kids on road and streets. Street children not only have physical pain but also mental torture. They are considered be petty criminals drug abusers and thieves. Their language wounds on body shabby clothes and unsociable nature.

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