There is a lot we can do to help poor children out there. I’ll share them here and all of them are the best in their own ways.

Raising awareness is a key strategy to ending child poverty.

IN 2022, Over 13 million children between the age of 10 to 14 years were affected by poverty.
Children are also more damaged by the effect of living in extreme poverty.
The development of mind and body in stunted when a child endures the deprivation of basic needs. Children extreme poverty generally lack more resources than others in extreme poverty as well— a deadly combination.

There are some ways to reduce poverty

1) Quality education- education provides children with the knowledge and life skills to realize their full potential.

2) Remove barriers to equal to access to resources and services

3) Established gender equality to prevents violence against women and girls.

4) Child labour—– aware people about the impact of child labour on children’s mental and physical health and how it can affect their future.
Also inform them about the lawa and their penalties.

Even the smallest gestures today go a long way — and as anne frank stated “No one ever has ever become poor from giving”. In fact, it is probably in giving that we receive the greatest gift

Motivate People to Donate

People want to know their donations are making an impact.
More information about charity money will go also makes people happier about their decision to giveā€¦

There are several NGO’S and non profit organization who are honest and sincere with finance.

Teach poor children

You don’t need expensive books or smart boards to give education to unprivileged/poor children.
You just need a room where children can sit some basic things like — books, notebooks, pencils, pen, normal board chalks etc..
Or You can just distribute books, clothes and arrange meals. To make a bigger impact, you can get associated with NGO’S or firms that are dedicated towards better lives of poor people specially children.

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